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  1. Uniteds best player this season
  2. Final game of the season. Its been tough so far. A couple of chances not taken by leicester. As for united, the have not been the best but they are 1-nil up.
  3. 5 star performance from Liverpool. I thought Chelsea were gonna come back at some point but i was wrong.
  4. Abeg lets watch the champions play good football. Tired of all these unserious footballers.
  5. The guy literally tried to Dab. WTF was that?
  6. This is a must win game for united in the quest for the top 4. Because the final game will be against Leicester City Away in Leicester and i can guarantee you that will not be an easy game.
  7. Next season will be tough bro. Mancity vs Liverpool again. The rest of the clubs can fight for the other positions. Those guys are just too good. Good football to watch mehn.
  8. Zaha has been a good player for Crystal Palace but i feel he needs consistency. You can't perform well in one game and not perform in the next. No one is saying you need to perform good week in and week out but atleast the good performance should be more regular. The manager believes in him, even the palyers but he needs to believe in himself a bit more.
  9. Lol and Chelsea were very much on their game.
  10. Chelsea is just too good for them today
  11. Mehn this game make sense. Tou cant blink atall
  12. Leicester no well again. I always knew that top 4 would be hard for them to maintain.
  13. Lucky goal but yh, a goal is a goal
  14. Jerry

    Arsenal vs Mancity

    That has always been his problem. We all know how good he his right from his chelsea days. As you rightly said, his problem is consistency.
  15. Jerry

    Arsenal vs Mancity

    Very brilliant. I didnt expect that performance.